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‘Tis the Season for Online Shopping By Dawn Parzych The holiday shopping season, a time when Americans flock to the malls or online to find those must-have gifts, is about to kick off. Kids are pouring over catalogs and compiling their wish lists, adults are looking at the Black Friday ads to find the best bargain, and retailers are hoping they don’t make the news for failure to meet customers’ expectations. Every year, retailers go into Black Friday thinking they have done everything they can and are prepared for the onslaught of visitors, but sadly each year there are some left wondering what they could have done differently to prevent outages and customer backlash. Consumers are becoming less patient, add the stress of the holidays to that and people may find their breaking point sooner than in years past. Research came out last year showing the average attention... (more)

Google Base Beta Launched

Google has announced the launch of Google Base, a free online service where users can submit all types of online and offline content that Google will host and make searchable online. Google Base is an extension of Google’s existing content collection efforts such as its traditional web crawl system – as well as Google Sitemaps, Google Print and Google Video – all which enable content owners to make their information searchable via Google. The goal of Google Base is to improve the overall quality and breadth of Google Search results by collecting even more information about a wider diversity of content, the company said. Similar to a database, Google Base enables content owners to describe and assign attributes to the information they upload and uses this meta-data to better target search results to what users are looking for. For example, if a chef c... (more)

Web 2.0 Platform for Mobile Devices Released by Canoo

Canoo has just released UltraLightClient (ULC) Mobile, aimed at facilitating development of Enterprise Web 2.0 applications with a desktop user experience that will run on both Java SE and Java ME clients. ULC is a Java library for web user interface development, bridging the gap between Java Swing and a server-side architecture. It allows Java developers, says Canoo, to develop "mission-critical Enterprise Web 2.0 applications with a rich and responsive user interface using proven Java technology both on the client and on the server." UltraLightClient-based applications can be deployed in a J2EE container, as a portlet, or stand-alone without changing the code. On the client, a standard JRE from 1.4 upwards is all that is required. The new product, ULC Mobile, extends the deployment options to mobile devices that run with the Windows CE operating system. ULC Mobile ... (more)

Report: Consumers Are Suffering From "Web Search Fatigue"

Recent research conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Yahoo! on the state of the Web shows that consumers are suffering from "Web search fatigue." The study revealed that while 99% of online adults use a search engine to find information on the Internet, a mere 15% of them find what they're looking for with their first search, with most needing to conduct three to four searches. In response, Yahoo! Search yesterday announced Search Assist, calling it "the most advanced assistance technology available on the Web, and the integration of audio, video and photos directly into the search results to help make Web search effortless for consumers." The new Yahoo! Search was designed to better understand user intent and get consumers to the results they are looking for in one search. "The new Yahoo! Search is focused on getting consumers the most relevant information as... (more)

Prevx SafeOnline Boosts Confidence in Online Banking

Wireless Developer's Journal Internet and PC security specialist Prevx today launched a free security program designed to protect websites and internet users from the risks of online fraud without impacting the user experience. Banking, government, and e-commerce sites can now sign up to the Prevx SafeOnline Business Partner Program and receive free protection against malware that compromises their customers' confidential account numbers or passwords. This unique program boosts confidence in online transactions with free customer support, free real-time reports highlighting threats affecting a company's website and free customer use of Prevx's new SafeOnline technology. This powerful technology, successfully tested by Immunity Inc., protects a PC user from threats such as phishing, DNS poisoning, screen grabbing, man-in-the-browser and key stroke logging. Prevx Saf... (more)

'Tis the season to frag with Linux

(LinuxWorld) — We're in that "special" time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Shopping time and tempers grow short. Parking spots grow scarce. Frustrations grow and multiply. Even in small towns, it is hard to escape the insanity. Last week in a small town near where I live, a man went berserk in a Wal-Mart parking lot and drove his truck into five other vehicles, presumably cracking under shopping-induced pressure. This holiday season, it's healthy to save a little quiet time for yourself. To meditate on life's simple pleasures. To quietly and contemplatively cozy-up with a good FPS and frag everything that moves. FPS, if you don't speak video-game, stands for First Person Shooter. You know, games like Quake or Unreal Tournament. If you run Linux and don't have the cash to buy UT2003 or Quake 3, you might think this path to inner peace is not availa... (more)

NewsWatch - April, 2000

IN THIS ISSUE: E-COMMERCE UPDATE New Privacy Act Protects Children on Web Sites ALLAIRE ANNOUNCEMENTS Allaire Reports Record 1Q 2000 Results Allaire Appoints Two to Board of Directors Allaire Certified Professional Program Preview ColdFusion 4.5.1 Update Allaire Developer Conference 2000 Allaire Teams with Cisco - Load Balancing DEVELOPER NEWS A Belated Welcome to SECURITY Mounties Bust Mafiaboy for February DoS Attack on CNN BUSINESS TRENDS Latest Site Ratings Upswing in Wireless Content Delivery USER GROUPS Ben Forta/Ashley King CFUGoRama In Washington DC E-COMMERCE UPDATE New Privacy Act Protects Children on Web Sites The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) came into effect April 21. COPPA means that Web sites must get parental permission before collecting personal information from a child known to be under 13 years of age. The act, passed... (more)'s Online Travel Solution

There are nearly 6 million business travelers using the Internet, responsible for more than $30 billion in travel expenses each year. For the Internet-based travel services industry, this is a tremendous revenue opportunity and the competition for this market is very intense. At the same time, business travelers are perhaps the most demanding of travelers. Often, many of their trips are scheduled at the last moment, and under budget constraints. Additionally, these travelers may be booking frequent or regular trips, and don't want to spend more time than necessary searching for lowest fares or convenient flight times.'s intelliTRIP is an online search tool for travel reservations along with a host of additional information services, all accessible through any standard Web browser. Saving time for the traveler is a major benefit of intelliTRIP; it allows the ... (more)

Tagging the Servlet: Part 1

Online stores are the new, next-generation, "revolutionize the world as we see it today" way of doing business. In the context of business transactions, online stores use the global Internet to facilitate the purchase and sale of goods and services. The ability to support online sales is an essential component of the new e-business paradigm for Internet-based businesses today. Putting together an enterprise-level application for an Internet store involves design and integration of various technologies that play specific roles in a distributed computing environment. A distributed topology is a prerequisite for building such Internet applications since the Internet is inherently distributed in nature. Due to the plethora of technology alternatives available in the computing arena today, designing architectures for an enterprise application involves choosing between t... (more)

Using the CASE Expression in SQL Queries

The DBMS (database management system) is often faster at performing calculations like summing up or averaging the values in a column of numbers than, for instance, the application server. However, there are many cases in which performing the same calculation on all of the data in a column will not provide the correct result. This article will show you how to use the CASE expression in SQL queries to more flexibly perform aggregate calculations and set values based on a logical statement. An example of the need to apply the CASE expression in an aggregate function is an online shopping cart with several item-specific options that, depending on the options chosen, change the way an item's price is added to the cart and, therefore, the final total price of the order. I will discuss a shopping cart for an online store that requires variable pricing within four option ... (more)

BEA Web Services

It is the dawn of a new season as BEA WebLogic Developer's Journal moves into its second year. What better way to start the new year than with a focus issue on Web services? And it's not too early to do so; as we move closer to BEA's eWorld 2003 developer conference in March, I'm sure Web services will be a hot topic. Before drafting this month's editorial, I sat down and really thought about what makes Web services compelling to me. I thought this through in numerous "contexts." The two I put myself into are those of a consumer and an application architect. Our current context affects how we perceive the world around us and, in the case of understanding the usefulness of Web services, what makes Web services compelling to us. As a consumer, quality of service is number one. Web services for consumers should always be available, should function properly, and should ... (more)