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The Mobile Commerce News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile payments, mobile money, e-wallets, mobile banking and mobile security that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information. Also read Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly Also read Field Mobility and M2M News Weekly Also read Mobile Marketing News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly eBay’s stock experienced sharp growth last week after  releasing new information on it’s successful mobile business. Read Original Content According to IDC Financial Insights, the number of consumers using their smartphones to complete online or offline transactions has doubled as of May 2012. Read Original Content. Worldwide mobile payment transactions will total $171.5 billion in 2012... (more)

The Prime Challenge Discovers a Prime Number Over 342,000 Digits Long

PHunterLau wins the challenge, but more STEM skills still needed Reading, 1st April, 2014: The Prime Challenge, launched by Microsoft Azure in November last year (291113) came to an end on Saturday (2903) with the user registered as PHunterLau being declared the winner. Over 400 people signed up to the challenge, but it was PHunterLau who emerged as the winner after discovering a prime number that was over 342,000 digits long. "Thanks to everyone that took part in The Prime Challenge, and of course huge congratulations to the winner - PHunterLau," said Steve Plank, Cloud Computing and STEM Evangelist at Microsoft. "We've shown that with a bit of determination, some computing resource and possibly a bit of luck here and there, we can advance knowledge in mathematics." "However, as an industry and a nation we must do more to maintain the interest in maths, as well as s... (more)

Clustering the BEA WebLogic Application

Mission-critical Web-based applications ­ customer self-service, distribution channel and supply chain management, online trading and banking ­ must be deployed on a cluster of servers in order to provide scalability and high availability. Scalability means that servers can be dynamically added or removed as needed to meet user demand, and that the overall load of requests is distributed among the servers so that resources remain fully utilized. High availability means that there is no "single point of failure" in either the system or the application, and that requests automatically failover from nonworking components to working components. Ideally, clustering should be transparent to applications: externally, the cluster should present a "single-system image." In addition to simplifying the task of application development, this allows off-the-shelf components to be... (more)

Wyndham Jade ONEsystem+ For Online Event Managemnt

Wyndham Jade's new ONEsystem+ will make it easier to accommodate the needs of event attendees, organizers, associations and suppliers, by using an integrated online service to simplify and centralize housing, registration and travel needs. ONEsystem+ was made to be very secure, and includes advanced security features, "spam control," and a feature that makes sure all data is synchronized and updated within the event system. "If you've ever attended a trade show or conference, just taking care of your registration and housing needs can be a daunting experience. It's almost impossible to tend to everything on one, easy-to-follow Web site," said Sue Trizila, president and CEO at Wyndham Jade. "We've set up ONEsystem+ to clear up the confusion and create the first one-stop shopping experience. It reduces confusion, mistakes and costs, making for a much more enjoyable and ... (more)

Exclusive Interview: My SQL Network

The MySQL Network is a new service operated by MySQL AB to help companies use and deploy MySQL technology in their applications. It bundles up a number of different components into a single chargeable service and includes certified copies of the MySQL binaries, online and phone-based support, full access to the MySQL KnowledgeBase, and updates and notifications of new releases. Unlike the free MySQL, where organizations are expected to deploy and use the database on their own, the MySQL Network offers assisted setup and support either directly or through a number of MySQL partners. I spoke to Zack Urlocker, vice president of marketing for MySQL AB, and Sami Akbay, senior director of marketing for GoldenGate Software, Inc., a MySQL Network partner, about the MySQL Network and how it will be supported and used by corporations. In a nutshell, what is the MySQL Network? ... (more)

Air Travel Center Deploys AJAX For Airlines

Air Travel Center (, a research and shopping facility for travelers across the globe, now uses Ajax, asynchronous javascript and xml, to enhance the utility of their air carrier and special fares listings. The air carrier database endeavors to include the identifier codes, country and contact information for all passenger and cargo airlines, airplane charter and helicopter services in the world. The special fares database incorporates current air fare discounts being offered by airlines and agencies across the globe. Would a person want to, they could circle the earth and pay nothing but discounted fares for the airline tickets. Free access to the airline and special fares databases are extended to people using handheld wireless devices as well as those using a personal computer. Since both databases are built using XML, the application of asynchro... (more)

SYS-CON Announces "AJAXWorld Magazine" To Debut at AJAXWorld Conference

SYS-CON Media ( announced today the print edition of AJAXWorld Magazine, the leading online AJAX news and content Website (, will debut at the upcoming AJAXWorld Conference & Expo, October 2-4, 2006, in Santa Clara, California. The premier issue of the magazine will have the following articles, in addition to opinion pieces and tutorials: AJAX and Atlas: An overview of two AJAX implementations, by Ben Reichelt AJAX & SOA: The Next Killer App, by John Crupi Building a Drag-and-Drop Shopping Cart with AJAX - Creating an Interactive Shopping Experience, by Joe Danziger Intelligent Web Applications with AJAX: A Peek into Modern Technologies For Browser-Based Applications, by Victor Rasputnis, Igor Nys, and Anatole Tartakovsky Struts Validations Framework Using AJAX: Enriching the Existing Framework, by Sonny Hastomo Rich Internet Component... (more)

Amazon - The Real Web Services Company

I am biased writing this article because my company is a big user of Amazon Web Services. But please read on and see why I am so excited about what the largest online retailer is doing these days. Not only Amazon is the real Web Services company now, it is becoming an icon for the 21st century software tools company. Not Microsoft, not IBM not even Google, but Amazon has been quietly, and recently not so quietly, building the blocks of the next generation software platform. At the core of the Amazon strategy are the Web Services. The Amazon team takes the concepts of search, storage, lookup and management the data and turns them into pay-per-fetch and pay-per-space web services. This is a brilliant strategy and Amazon is certainly a visionary company. But what impresses me the most as an engineer is their ability to take very complex problems, solve them and then ... (more)

Kapow Technologies Powers -- The First Online-Price Comparison Web Site for Music Downloads

MUNICH, Germany and PALO ALTO, California, September 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Kapow Technologies today announced that, a Germany-based online price-comparison web site for music downloads, is using the Kapow Web Integration Platform to collect data from online-music shops around the world so that users can locate music for the best price, and download it without any additional software. Last May, introduced its new Internet service that enables consumers to locate more than 75,000 artists, 95,000 albums and 1,200,000 titles on the Internet. Even though a number of online-music shops and subsequent the number of legal downloads are increasing, no search and price comparison service has ever existed up until this point. The goal of is to create clarity and transparency in the legal music downloads business. "Because of its innovative technology an... (more)

"E-Commerce 2.0" – The Velvet Revolution

With all the noise the Web 2.0 revolutionaries are making, it’s easy to ignore another – this time velvet – revolution. "E-commerce 2.0" is coming into maturity and getting ready to relieve its now ten-plus year old predecessor. It’s about time. What makes an "E-Commerce 2.0" site? Well, as Supreme Court Justice Stewart’s famous saying (about pornography) goes: “I know it when I see it.” This may not be a satisfactory answer but it’s an honest one. It’s too early to tell. E-Commerce 2.0 sites look better, they are easier to use but, most importantly, they drive better economics. Let’s look at the E-Commerce 2.0 drivers, the trends that define the transition and the architectures and technologies that enable it. What drives the change? For starters, maturity and perspective. E-commerce has been around for over ... (more)

Rich Internet Applications - State of the Union

[This prescient article first appeared on nearly 12 months ago.] We are entering an era of Rich Internet Applications (RIA),  and many enterprise development managers are facing the dilemma - which way to go - remain with  tried and true Java or .Net technologies or less known yet AJAX, Flex, OpenLaszlo or a number of other vendors.  This article is an attempt to give a brief overview of what's out there on the RIA market. Historically there have been major shifts in the software industry. We moved from mainframes with dumb terminals to client/server. Users gained in convenience and productivity, and mainframe systems were patronizingly labeled as legacy. With the availability of the World Wide Web industry visionaries turned the tables: vendors and corporate IT had been eager to get rid of the complexity of client/server version management and technologist... (more)